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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts classes at Rowlett Academy focus on creativity, technique, and quality work. Students have the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of media, from drawing to printmaking to sculpture and much more. Young artists explore media while learning the foundations of art. From kindergarten on, an emphasis is placed on trying your best and improving skills through practice. One of the many things that the visual arts teach is that problems can have more than one solution.


Our art curriculum covers both Florida State Standards and National Visual Arts Standards and integrates artists, movements, and the many possibilities available in the creative field. Students enjoy celebrating other cultures, and perspectives, and they learn that there are many ways to see and interpret the world. Projects tie into other subject areas, including history, math, science, and reading. Elementary artists use critical and creative thinking as well as self-expression in the creation of their work. Fourth and fifth graders who choose visual arts as their primary focus dive in deeper to more advanced techniques and collaborative projects.


Enrichment classes are offered after school for artists who want to create scenery for our performances, have a little extra time in the studio, or collaborate on projects to better our campus or the surrounding community. Student artwork is always on display around our campus, and many students participate in local, state, national, and international art competitions and shows.