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State of the art technology is available for all children in all classrooms, under the direction of a staff trained in best practices for instructional technology. In addition, fifth grade students will be the first to roll out a 2:1 iPad project. Fourth graders have one laptop computer for every 2 students. Second and third grade students have a ratio of no more than 3 students to one computer. Primary classes have desktop computers in their classes for use in center rotations.

Technology Lab

All students visit the technology lab as part of the arts rotation. The lab is manned by Ms. Wolf, Technology Instructor. Lessons are linked to both Florida's Academic Standards and the ISTE Standards. The skills learned in the lab prepare students to use technology in their classrooms to complete projects and classwork. Concepts such as keyboarding, word processing, graphics, and mind-mapping are introduced in Kindergarten and built upon in subsequent years. By second grade, students are using mapping software and word processing to document their learning as they search the Internet. Both second and third-grade students complete and share projects to show evidence of their learning. Students are coached in safe search techniques and proper use of copyright. Students create graphics, use more advanced word processing skills, apply audio and video techniques, and can game on approved sites.

Technology Focus

4th Grade Coding and Photography - We learn about planning. We plan before we code and we plan out a picture before we take it. Once we have a plan, we work on the project and make changes (de-bug) as needed. Students learn how to begin with the end in mind and love it when they get to play each other's games and share pictures they took of their friends.

5th Grade Focus - Students learn Animation using different mediums, such as paper, digital, and clay.  Students begin with a script or a storyboard, then using multiple applications, they record, edit and produce a finished animation.  This final film is then entered into the Manatee County Film Rush to compete for a spot in the regional and state competitions.  Rowlett has had multiple winners throughout the years!
TSA Enrichment is an all-year, after-school enrichment program for 5th-grade students. Coached by Ms. Hamil and Mrs. Wolf, the students learn engineering, coding, and teamwork to build VEX robots they will use to compete in a district event.